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November 18, 2017/by lyadmin

The Benefits of a Bucket List

April 5, 2017/by lyadmin

5 Tips to Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

January 8, 2017/by lyadmin

My Top 10 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

October 5, 2016/by lyadmin

More Than A Number

Today, I set my goal for my 50th. Sometime before my 50th birthday, I will run a Spartan Race. Because I know that I am much more than a number. Yes, in less than 18 months, I will be a “50.” But, among other things, I will also be a Spartan.
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June 30, 2016/by lyadmin


She has transcended space and time and has this anti-aging beauty blogger wondering how on earth is she looking so young!
February 20, 2016/by lyadmin


Are you tired? C’mon, be honest. You’re tired. Most people do not take the quantity (or quality) of their sleep seriously. Simply put, most of us don’t get the amount of sleep required for optimum health.
October 16, 2015/by lyadmin

Live Young from Peru

I’m having a very “Live Young” adventure in Peru with my Dad. We are both checking something off of our Bucket List. Hooray!
August 28, 2015/by lyadmin

When Life Hands You Lemons or Limes

Listen, we’ve all heard the old cliché, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” But if you’ve been reading my blogs, you know that the sugar in lemonade gets stored in your body as fat.
June 26, 2015/by lyadmin

Own It

We need to look at ourselves in a different kind of mirror; not examining our outsides, but rather exploring the internal workings that make us tick so that we can OWN our part of those “internal wrinkles.”
May 30, 2015/by lyadmin

Gotta Go?

This conversation is so not sexy. I know. But neither is wearing Depends Undergarments. So let’s just deal with it and stay dry.
May 14, 2015/by lyadmin

Q and A

I love this part of what I do. It’s the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. I want to help. So with the immediacy of technology and the savings of a postage stamp, today's blog is a Q and A session reminiscent of the "Dear Abby" of yesteryears.
May 4, 2015/by lyadmin

Being Selfish Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

When you refer to someone as selfish, it’s meant to be an insult. However, being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. There are some benefits to taking a more self-centered - not necessarily narcissistic - approach to life.
April 27, 2015/by lyadmin

Choose Happiness

“Chose Happiness,” is on everything from t-shirts to charm bracelets (I own one). It has almost become a bit of a cliche and, for too many of us, it is easier said than done!
February 23, 2015/by lyadmin

Walking Meditation

The evidence that meditation is good for your state of mind, as well as your physical well-being, is indisputable.
January 26, 2015/by lyadmin