Move Young

Even More Reasons to Exercise

There are new scientific reasons to hit the gym. Some make perfect sense, some are counter-intuitive, and some may even surprise you.
July 25, 2016/by lyadmin

Sitting is the New Smoking

Recent research on being sedentary concludes that sitting on our butts all day will take years, if not decades, off of our life expectancy.
September 3, 2015/by lyadmin


Just as there are manners required at the dinner table, there are certain manners that should be followed when exercising in a social setting.
August 3, 2015/by lyadmin

Chin Up, Tits Out

I sometimes say, “Chin up, tits out," and without fail and on cue, I assume the posture: shoulders back and down, chest out, chin up. And I SWEAR TO YOU, it changes the way I face ANY challenge before me.
June 2, 2015/by lyadmin

Stretch Your Way To Better Health

Yet, as we age, stretching, along with strength training is vital in maintaining a healthy body.
May 20, 2015/by lyadmin

Q and A

I love this part of what I do. It’s the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. I want to help. So with the immediacy of technology and the savings of a postage stamp, today's blog is a Q and A session reminiscent of the "Dear Abby" of yesteryears.
May 4, 2015/by lyadmin

Bye-Bye Flabby Arms

Are you tired of waving goodbye, only to have your saggy triceps continue to wave long after you’ve stopped? Do you find yourself covering up with long sleeves or hiding your arms behind other people when someone’s taking photos? Can you pinch more than an inch of flab on your upper arms? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, let’s get to work.
April 2, 2015/by lyadmin

No ‘Buts’ About It – Here’s Your Best Butt Workout

Listen, we all secretly loathe those 20-something year old girls with cellulite-free, perfect asses! (In fact, some of us loathe them not so secretly!)
March 2, 2015/by lyadmin

Find The Little Moments To Exercise

I know you’ve heard a million times to take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, but here it goes again… Take the freakin’ stairs!
January 28, 2015/by lyadmin

Step Away From The Treadmill!

Ladies, if you spend an hour walking on a treadmill, and then go home and eat a bagel, you’ve just put all of those calories back into your body. And let’s face it, the bagel most likely will settle… guess where? You got it… YOUR ASS!
January 26, 2015/by lyadmin